October 2-6, 2017

Science Gateways Sustainability Bootcamp, Fall 2017

This week-long intensive offers leaders of science gateways the opportunity to work with a team of experts on the business strategy, technical architecture and outreach strategies that will be vital to the ongoing success of their project. Funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, the Bootcamp is part of the Science Gateways Community Institute. For more information about services of SGCI, including the Incubator, visit

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October 10-12, 2017

Survive and Thrive: Business Strategy for Unlocking the Value of Your Innovative Projects and Programs
Tuesday, October 10 from 10:00 – 5:00 and Wednesday, October 11 from 10:00 – 5:00

Leaders of innovative initiatives know that getting approval and funding to build something new is only the beginning! Once a new digital collection, project, or other innovative service is launched, how will you keep it going? What will “fund” its ongoing growth? This two-day workshop, hosted by the Metropolitan New York Library Council, is geared towards those who face this question. Participants will gain a holistic view of what sustainability strategy should encompass; develop a working hypothesis about what will make their project sustainable, and will start working with some useful tools and exercises to help test and refine these ideas.

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October 23-25, 2017

Science Gateways Annual Conference

Tutorial: Think Like an Entrepreneur: Business Strategy for Science Gateways (Monday @ 1:30)

with Juliana Casavan, Entrepreneurial Programs Manger, Purdue Foundry

While project leaders of Science Gateways are often grant-funded, there are many ways in which strategies derived from the for-profit sector are extremely valuable in making sure that the Gateways are successful in offering value to their users. This tutorial will engage participants in hands-on activities designed to help them understand strategic approaches to sustainability, and tactics for better understanding the existing and potential users of their Gateways.

This session is designed for leaders of Science Gateways of all types, at all stages of development, from proposal writing to mature project. We encourage leaders from all disciplines to attend. There is no specific skill level required, no technical expertise needed, and no special software or hardware needed.

Panel: The Business of Gateways: Experiences of the First Science Gateways Community Institute Incubator Bootcamp (Weds @ 8:45 )

This session offers a chance for science gateways leaders  to hear from those who have participated in our Bootcamps! a panel discussion including instructors as well as participants will be followed by a Q+A.

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Charleston Conference 2017

[details to come]


Charleston Conference 2016

How much does it cost to publish a monograph? Why should we care?

Panel with Charles Watkinson (Michigan), Shayna Pekala (IU), and Meredith Kahn (Michigan) on the studies done to assess economics of monograph publishing at university presses and readiness among faculty and administrators.

Charleston Library Conference

November 6 at 3:30pm

Digital Humanities Media: Project Preservation and Promotion

Panel with Elisa Lanzi (Smith); Shayna Pekala (IU); and James Schulman (Artstor), on the strategies project leaders can use to support digital assets.

Charleston Library Conference

November 12

Something Old, Something New: Thoughts on the marriage of library spaces and digital scholarship

Opening speaker at CIC Conference on space planning for digital scholarship services in academic libraries.

University of Indiana Libraries. “Repackaging for the Future: A conversation about services, space, and the new library”

December 14/15 [Date and time to come]

What will it cost and how will it work?  Findings from a suite of studies on Open Access  Monograph Publishing

Panel presentation with Charles Watkinson, Associate University Librarian and Director of University of Michigan Press; Carolyn Walters, Dean of University Libraries, Indiana University; Lisa Macklin, Director, Scholarly Communications Office, Emory.

CNI 2015 Fall Membership Meeting